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These are wicked fun projects that I’ve either done or am working on.

We’ve tried paper. We tried dry erase board. We even tried Popsicle sticks. Nothing worked. The truth was…we had TOO MANY chicks to use one stinkin’ chore chart! No matter what my brainy chicken head came up with, we never had enough room or it was never convenient enough to accommodate the fact that my kids like to swap chores faster than Pokemons. And then…inspiration struck… I give you the LARGE MAGNETIC CHORE CHART!largemagneticchorechart

I needed a magnetic system where chores could be swapped back and forth at will but large enough to keep everyone’s accounting in one localized place. Sure, the side of the fridge is a large metallic surface, but I’d already covered it with our homemade, super duper cheap awesome family calendar (brainy chickens self-promote when possible). What to do…what to do. Then, I had a great idea and went to Autozone.

Yep. AUTOZONE. What you see before you is a $10 oil drip pan. It’s huge! It’s shiny! It holds a million magnets!

Magnets for the “Chores”

For the “chores” I decided to go to Hobby Lobby and buy 1 in round wooden circles in the wood section. They were pretty cheap at 2.99 per package. I had to buy a lot of them. As I mentioned before…I have a lot of kids. I went to the scrapbook paper aisle (which I normally avoid like the plague) and bought some coordinating papers. Then off to the magnet aisle where I purchased a big package of round magnets to glue on the back. has templates that you can download for Word and I typed up the list of 20160812_071622_resizedchores that I wanted to be represented on my circles. After formatting, I cut my scrapbook paper down to size and fed it through my home printer and voila. I also used the same paper to make name headers for each of my kiddos but you could get super creative and decorate your chore chart any way you like. I used 1 in circles because I was able to pull out my old scrapbook punch thingy and perfectly cut the printed circles out to glue onto the hole punchfront of my wooden discs. It was super easy this way and didn’t take long at all.

After that, I used a glue gun and attached my magnets to the back of my circles which was also fast and easy.20160812_071557_resized

The whole process only took about an hour and when finished, I had a ginormous chore chart that would accommodate all three of my chicks and was light enough to hang on our hallway wall with velcro command strips.

Seriously, it was wicked fast, wicked easy, wicked practical for three kids, and looks wicked cute.

If you have made a large magnetic chore chart before, what materials did you use?



Truth is I am often a lazy chicken. I also love essential oils.rollerballcarrier

Sure, I want to get some fabric and 15 other items, find a pattern, pull out the sewing machine and knock out a super cute essential oil rollerball bag…but somedays I just don’t have it in me.

The carrying of the essential oil rollerballs is NOT a negotiable thing so it’s either buy an expensive pre-made version off the internet (preferably one like this from where you are supporting a small business owner, or get REALLY creative. haha)

Now- I like Vera Bradley. Vera and I are old friends. So, one day while looking at my Vera zipper bag, I noticed that it was about the same shape and size as my rollerballs.

And as they say…this is when the magic happened.


1 small zipper bag ( I used a Vera Bradley)
1/2 elastic (about 1.5 feet if you want to do both sides of the bag)
Coordinating thread for outside of bag
1 Needle

That’s it. Nothing more.

Start by turning your bag inside out. Hold you rollerball against the inside out bag to see how far up the bag you should run your stabilizing elastic.  Hand stitch your elastic into essentialoilcarrier2one side of the bag and hold a rollerball in place to guestimate spacing. You want the elastic to securely hold the rollerball but not be too tight. Repeat this process as many times as possible until you reach the other end of the bag. You can also make large spaces to hold larger, full size essential oil bottles if desired.

If you like and your bag allows, you can repeat this process on the opposite side of the essentialoilcarrier3bag so that you can hold more rollerballs. I left mine one sided as I wanted room to carry other things in mine. After 10 minutes of HARD labor… (seriously, it took like 10 minutes) I have a cute little rollerball case that slips down in my purse with no problems.

It doesn’t get easier than this folks!





Pretty Kitty Litter Box

“Every pretty cat should be have a Pretty Kitty Litter Box.” -Brainy Chicken


prettykittyThis is Abott. Yes, she is a beautiful cat. She is also VERY stinky and can kick cat litter in a 10 foot radius. We tried buying the kitty litter box with the raised sides- It was like she sensed a challenge and doubled her litter kicking efforts. It was getting ridiculous.

I wandered out into the www looking for a solution to our litter dilemma. I found what every defeated cat mother finds… very expensive solutions to a relatively uncomplicated problem.topentrylitterbox


Then I found this——>

It costs $40. It looks exactly like a Sterilite container that I can buy at Walmart for 5 bucks plus tax with a hole cut in it.

Then I started thinking, even though I am brainy…I am not the ONLY brainy chicken out there…my friends at Pinterest have already figured this out for me. Sure enough,  plenty people have and Erika over at has one of the BEST tutorials on making one of these (lots of pretty pictures).

So I made one. Know what I noticed? It stopped the projectile litter (score 1 for Brainy, 0 for Abbot) and it was super duper cheap. But- it was also ugly. Very ugly. A cat as beautiful as Abott shouldn’t have to potty in such an ugly litter box.

Could I spray paint it? Should I use paint pens on it? Do I have something tall enough to hide it under? Then it occurred to me. I can fix this and coordinate it with any room. And with that thought, my very first “PRETTY KITTY LITTER BOX” was born.

Pretty Kitty Litter Box Instructions

Items you will need:

prettykittylitterboxmaterials1) One DIY top entry cat litter box approximately 18 gallon or 64 quart

2) 1 & 2/3 yard  of 44″ wide fabric (Pay attention to the pattern on your fabric choice. We will actually be “splitting” this fabric down the middle. If you are choosing a fabric with a pattern that will be “sideways” on your cat box, you will need to purchase enough fabric to cut into sections and splice together in panels to equal 120″X22″ or around 3 yards with salvage left over.)

3) 4 safety pins
4) scissors
5) 2 sizes elastic
6) 10 pieces of self-sticking velcro
7) iron
8) sewing machine or iron-on hemming tape
9) thin, cheap, rug
10) spray epoxy

This isn’t so much a pattern as it is a technique. There can be a lot of variation depending on how gathered you want the cover to be, etc.

If your fabric didn’t have both edges perfectly aligned, place them evenly and hem fold until crisp.


Cut down the fold (You should have now have two pieces of fabric approx 60″X22″)


Place the pieces right side together and seam them along one of the 22″ edges. (Now you should have one continuous piece of fabric measuring 120″X22″)

With right side facing down, iron a 1″ hem along length of fabric on top and bottom to allow for elastic casing.


Straight stitch previously hemmed edges.

With right side inside, fold fabric and hem last edge together, leaving the two hems at top and bottom open.


Place a safety pin on wider elastic and push it through the top hem of the fabric. Loosely pin ends of top elastic together where you didn’t sew through the hem.


Repeat step above with the smaller elastic making sure to leave plenty of slack.

You should now have something that resembles a terrible 80’s puff skirt. If you are too young to know what I am talking about…consider yourself lucky.


Take the base of your kitty litter box and put your “skirt” on putting the wider elastic at the top of the bucket. Pull on the elastic until it feels pretty secure and then pin the two ends of the elastic together again. It is going to want to slip off. That’s ok. We will secure it in the next step. Right now just go around and make sure that your ruffles are pretty evenly distributed.

Now take your velcro strips and place them around the top of your bucket. I like to secure the two velcro strips together, take the backing off of one side and stick it to the tub, take the backing off the other side and then pull up the skirt and stick it into place. I use three along each long side and two on each end. Once all of the velcro is placed, trim your excess elastic and tuck it into the skirt.


Once you have the top of the “skirt” secure, flip your kitty box over and carefully pull on the smaller elastic until you have taken up all of the slack and have a snug fit. Then pin these two ends together, trim excess elastic, and tuck the ends into the skirt.


Once the skirt is complete. Use the top of your kitty litter box as a template to cut your cheap rug to size and stick it to the top of your lid with the spray epoxy (adhesive). Let dry completely before placing your litter box inside and filling with kitty litter.

That’s it. You’re done! SO MUCH BETTER! A Pretty Kitty Litter Box for a pretty little kitty!

prettykittylitterbox12  prettykittylitterbox14


Project Costs for Pretty Kitty Litter Box:
DIY litter box- $4.46 (Walmart)
Spray adhesive- 5.97 (Walmart)
Velcro- $4.99 (Hobby Lobby)
Elastic (1/4 in)- $1.99 (Hobby Lobby)
Elastic (3/8 in)- $1.29 (Hobby Lobby)
Rug- $4.97 (Walmart)
Fabric- $8.10 (Hobby Lobby)
TOTAL: $31.77


wallcoveringonthecheapFolks, it just doesn’t get better (or easier) than this. Check out one of my latest super cheap decorating ideas and turn your wall from drab to fabulous on a dime!

I am not a great hen. Sometimes I worry there is more rooster in me than necessary and when it comes to decorating…I give myself a big, fat ‘F’. I don’t like to shop, I don’t know what goes together, and in truth…I don’t really care. However, I DO know that people like to have things hanging on the walls of their personal space and I am always trying to figure out a way to cover as much vertical territory with as little effort/money as possible. I had found foam wall art pins on Pinterest, but after checking Hobby Lobby- I realize that the foam boards are still a little pricey. I needed to find something else.

It was during this quest that I discovered The Dollar Store + Random Fabric Store (Hobby Lobby in my case) = cheaper wall coverings.

Basically, that’s it. That’s my whole post. You can get foam board from your local dollar store for- well, a dollar. They measure approx. 20X30 inches. Then, you just head to your local fabric store and buy some coordinating fabrics. I hot glued the fabric around command velcrothe foam board and then hung them with 3M Command Velcro Picture Strips but this was probably overkill considering how light they are. You could probably just get away with using the 3M Poster strips.

I used this idea in my office but I thinking I am going to cut the boards to square (20X20 inches), cover them and then collage them together to make a large wall piece for my daughter’s bedroom. I’m just going to lay them down in the pattern I like and duct tape them together on the backside. We’ll have to see how that goes…



See my super cute office???