About Brainy Chicken

“Saving College Students by Day, Warping Children’s Minds by Night.”

Well this isn’t terrifying or anything…right? Just write a whole page about myself. Easy peasy. Here’s everything you could ever want to know about Brainy Chicken: The Best Mom Blog in the Coop:

unfunnycolorCoolest Mom on the Planet

Hi. I’m Heather and I am the 40 year old mother of four children (chicks). Yes, FOUR. (And before you ask…Yes. I had them all on purpose!)

Mad Academic Advising Skills

I am an Academic Advisor and Instructor and have worked full time in Higher Education (known as a college for most folks) for almost 15 years. Balancing a large family with a full time job has caused many a pitfall. Sometimes they are hilarious pitfalls. Go me!

Personal Finance Ninja

In addition to my mad college advising skills I successfully beat the banks and my previous lack of personal finance knowledge and was able to go from being $300,000+ in the deep, dark hole to financially free with a substantial amount in liquid and investment accounts. I am passionate about sharing what I have learned with others so they can see how awesome it is to be IN CONTROL of my money and have less stress every month.

I’m Oily, Crunchy and Good with a Glue Gun

While debt reduction and college tips might get my feathers ruffled, you’ll also find that I love to write about essential oils, natural wellness and holistic medicine and wicked fun craft projects. I’ve been treating my family naturally for over three years now and I love to make my own yogurt, soap and anything else I feel like tackling. I’ve even been known to start a batch of wine or two.

Why should you read my blog? 4 out of 5 preteen kids polled emphatically stated that I am indeed funny. (I am pretty sure there was something wrong with that 5th kid) So, really you have nothing to lose and occasionally I actually know a thing or two. If chickenglassesnothing else, you’ll find something fun to try or laugh at and the good Lord knows we all need to be laughing more!

Why a chicken? The question you should be asking yourself is why NOT a chicken? Chickens are great and they get a really bad rap. Sure, for the most part they don’t have a lot going on upstairs, but they give you eggs. What other pet can you say regularly feeds you without causing mental scars on your children? So, in some ways I am like a chicken (but a little smarter) in that I will strive to give you interesting things to read (eggs) than won’t cause mental scars on your children. I’ll save the mental scaring for my own kids. You’re welcome!

Check me out on pinterest @brainychicken or look me up on facebook to follow my page, Brainy Chicken.  I have resting witch face but I’m really not as scary as I seem and I love making new friends and finding other cool blogger to follow. I’ll even be nice to you if you don’t like chickens (though I won’t promise not to try and convert you)!

Well, that wasn’t so bad after all. Whew!